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Tepantor group is a well-known group of companies of Bangladesh. It regulates more than fifteen (15+) businesses, since 2006. This group of companies has established a growing presence in real estate, home development, construction, tourism for Hajj-Umrah, food products, agriculture, e-commerce, information & technology, and several types of media houses. Tepantor Group has over 20 affiliates & more than 1000 clients worldwide in an array of sectors. We constantly attempt to live up to the title ‘Commitment to build a prosperous country.

""The secret of getting ahead is getting started." -- Mark Twain."  
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1000+ clients
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Since 2006

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The signature concern Tepantor City

pubail, kaligong

Tepantor city Location

On the route from Dhaka to "Tepantor City," the touch of modernity is noticeable everywhere.From Dhaka, there are two entry routes to "Tepantor City." One route is via the metro rail (newly proposed) or elevated expressway and express highway or BRT lane to Tongi, and from Tongi to Mirer Bazar via the express highway, taking only 10 minutes. The other route is via Purbachal 300 feet to the Sylhet highway, connecting to the Pubail railway station and Pubail highway, adjacent to the Sylhet Ghorashal Mega Project. "Tepantor City" is the only digital and planned housing project near Dhaka, an initiative by Tepantor Group to ensure modern living.
Since 2006

Tepantor city 3D planning

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Since 2006

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Tepantor Group has consistently obtained people's trustworthiness. We move one step closer to achieving a unique level.

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01 Development of oneself

Investing in Tepantor Group ensures a safe and prosperous future for the next generation. This group prioritizes sustainable and ethical practices, focusing on long-term growth and stability. By supporting Tepantor Group, you contribute to the development of secure infrastructure, robust industries, and innovative solutions that safeguard our environment and resources. Your investment helps create a resilient economy and a healthier, more sustainable world, providing a secure and promising destination for future generations to thrive

02 Greatness of the nation

Investing in Tepantor Group is a strategic decision that contributes to the nation's greatness. This group is dedicated to driving economic growth, creating job opportunities, and fostering innovation across various sectors. By supporting Tepantor Group, you are aiding in the development of critical infrastructure, boosting local industries, and enhancing the nation's global competitiveness. Your investment helps build a stronger, more resilient economy, paving the way for sustainable progress and prosperity for future generations

03 A Safe destination for the following generation

Investing in Tepantor Group is a strategic move for personal and professional growth. The company offers a diverse portfolio of opportunities in innovative industries, providing a solid foundation for financial stability and career advancement. By investing in Tepantor Group, you gain access to cutting-edge projects and a network of industry leaders, fostering skill development and knowledge expansion. This investment not only promises potential financial returns but also empowers you with the tools and connections needed for continuous self-improvement and success